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Neuro4j Studio - Installation Guide






PDF version available online  at

Installation Steps

Neuro4j Studio is based on Eclipse (see

Latest version of Studio is available on Download page (

To install Neuro4j Studio follow these steps:

Install  eclipse Juno for JavaEE Developers with GMF tooling



1)       Download and unzip Eclipse Juno  for Java EE Developers


2)       Update GMF Tooling

a.        Click Help->Install  New Software

b.       Add new repository with location:






c.        Select  GMF Tooling, Runtime Extensions and  Tooling SDK and Click Next




 Install Neuro4j Flow editor AND NMS Client Plugins


d.       Click Help->Install  New Software

e.        Add new repository with location:





3)       Click Next->Finish;


4)       Re-start Eclipse;


5)       Open perspective "Neuro4j Flows";


















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